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violin teacher

My name is Stanislava and I’m a violin teacher. I specialized in violin at the Conservatory in Banská Bystrica. I also studied at the universities in Banská Bystrica and Nitra in Slovakia. I attended several violin courses and seminars, and I became inspired by the methodologies of various authors. My students successfully place in violin competitions.

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Stanislava Maráková


I would like to share with you my experience and offer video tutorials:


The video tutorials are designed to help students and their parents while practicing the violin at home. It includes professional advice - exercises enabling the looseness of both hands and posture while playing the violin.

Violin tutorial:

0. lesson


1. lesson

Posture while playing the violin.

2. lesson

Holding the violin.

3. lesson

Directing the left palm.
Placing the fingers on the strings.

4. lesson

Practicing the gripping of the bow.

5. lesson

Placing the bow on the strings without violin making a sound.

6. lesson

Moving the bow against the strings.

Teaching process

I prefer the presence of parents when teaching during the student’s preparatory study because they might be helpful in the acquiring of new knowledge and skills at home.

In the teaching process, I use a variety of teaching methods e.g. observation, demonstration, discussion, problem method, comparison, description, method of practical activities, etc.

In educational practice, I apply: individual teaching, motivation, a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, the use of audiovisual equipment, exchanging the teacher – student roles, and praise.

I devote substantial attention to the student’s motivation because I consider it an important energizing element in the teaching process. It has a positive effect on the student and develops their musical creativity. It has an impact on domestic preparation, the self-contained domestic practice of proper posture while playing a musical instrument, and managing the musical composition.

When teaching the violin, I focus on creating a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. That’s an important condition for success. The student thus experiences the joy of their own activity, which creates a psychological well-being reflected in the interpretation of recitative songs during concerts.

I have proven the abovementioned principles in practice and they bring success to my work and joy to the student. A video tutorial will help them to do so.

TUTORIAL OF THE FIRST VIOLIN TEACHING LESSONS is composed of 6 lessons. Each lesson includes video presentations helpful for violin exercise at home. The tutorial can be a springboard to the initiation or continuation of study.

As a free trial I offer you of my tutorial: video trailer
I wish you much patience and comfortable studying.

First violin lessons and tutorials for beginners

31 minutes

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